Adoption & Change: How to make it all stick

Date: Tuesday 13th October
Time: 10.30 - 11.15
Location: Online

Organisations don’t change - people do - and successful change is always the combination of individual effort and a targeted approach to ensure that change happens, and benefits are realised. Implementing and adopting change should not be difficult when your people are on your side.

The most successful changes are brought about when people are listened to and engaged in the process. Join Marko Stevanovic in this webinar where he explains how to identify and focus on the opportunities of change and bring all of your people on board to ‘make it stick’.

Marko Stevanovic
Marko brings a wealth of change management, project management, leadership experience and expertise in facilitating culture change programs. He has created and executed change strategies for multi-million digital transformation programmes and also designs change frameworks for technology adoption projects in a variety of industries.