Build Better Business Cases: Complete visibility to understand financial and resourcing requirements

Webinar - Wednesday 24th April: 10:00 - 10:45 GMT
Business cases can be inaccessible, unregulated, slow to progress and hard to evaluate. This lack of visibility makes it difficult to assess their likelihood of success or to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

In this webinar we will show you how you can provide a transparent and repeatable method of capturing business case data that ensures standardisation and accountability across fully configurable processes and case types. Built for Microsoft Office 365, edison365businesscase has an intuitive interface that gives you the organisation-wide visibility needed to understand the financial and resourcing requirements of successful business transformation, as well as its potential benefits

Understand the value of a more structured approach to Business Case Management and its benefits:
  • Fully configurable build multiple templates, forms and approval stages aligned to your own processes and financial sign off limit
  • Rapid and justified – spot trends, identify bottlenecks to avoid costly delays
  • Personalised – Personal page keeps track of what needs approving, by when and where issues lie
  • Completely visible – Understand the costs, benefits and resources required. Full audit trail.
  • Standardised internal processes – build drag and drop business case templates
Who should attend: Heads of Finance and Procurement, Business Analysts, Architects, Programme Managers, Chief Financial Officers and similar 

The Speakers 
Ivan Lloyd,
Chief Innovation Officer, edison365

Responsible for thought leadership and driving the organisation forward including company vision, policies, future strategic direction and business plans.
Rory Ashley,
Partner Alliance Manager, edison365

Responsible for the management, growth and marketing of the edison365 global partner program.